Voice over internet protocol or VoIP for business

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is crucial for business development and growth. It is also called VoIP lines or trunks. If your company possess high speed internet connectivity or DSL, you can easily make calls on internet through using VoIP. There are many companies which offer VoIP services. Several cable companies also offer VoIP lines. VoIP can really provide a competitive edge to your business. However, traditional phone sets can also take advantage of VoIP lines. Interestingly, there is no need to have an IP based (IP PBX) or even an IP compatible phone system. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about VoIP system.

However, there are many benefits of the VoIP lines:

Lower monthly bills: Normally, with the help of VoIP, you only need to pay a monthly flat rate and most of your calls to USA and Canada will be free.

Number portability is another benefit which come along with the VoIP services. If you go around the world, you can keep your number with you. Hence, there is no need to change the area code or the number if you are visiting any other part of the world.

It is also easy to acquire numbers having area codes of different countries or in another words you can possess overseas numbers.

Overall portability of the system is another benefit that come along with the service. VoIP router is portable and you can take it along with you at any place. You can easily set it up using a Wi-Fi connection.

Mostly people are fan of VoIP service due to its numerous features like Caller ID, Call forwarding and lots of other great features.

Along with the benefits, there are some issues with the VoIP services which businesses should keep in mind before purchasing this service.

First of all the voice quality is not up to the mark all the time and it is not equivalent to the voice quality provided by the traditional phone service but it is getting better with each passing day. Another thing is initial setup which is quite cumbersome task if you are planning to use your own router.

It is important to know that the quality of call and number of calls that can be made at a single time will highly dependent upon the speed of internet connection. The increased number of calls you will make at once, the poorer the sound quality of calls will become. It is also important to realize that many services like modem, faxes and alarm won’t work well with VoIP and in some of the cases they won’t work at all. If your business requirement is to to have a lot of lines, then you may require more than one high-speed internet connection so the cost of internet may outweigh the savings. Depending upon which sort of business you are in, it is important to realize that if your internet speed goes down, all of your telephone lines will be disconnected and you won’t be able to make calls.